Dear Dr. Paredes,

I wanted to tell you about a little boy I’ve been praying for and his special doctor. Gage is a 2 year old boy whose grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins, go to our church. I know his mother too. Gage has been the focus of our prayers for the last couple of weeks. Saturday night my kids and I sat down at our kitchen table at 7pm to pray for Gage, his family, his doctors, etc…

At church, the next morning, a friend told me about the prayer meeting at the hospital – even the doctor came!! Our family was so impressed! And I was’nt at all suprised later that evening when Gage’s Aunt Tiffany told me that doctor was you! She told me how wonderful you have been through all this. And that is why we still drive to Memorial City from Cypress. Because if anything serious ever happened to any of our children, we would want you there. You are a blessing to your patients. I pray God blesses you the way you bless others! You’re the best! We love you!

The Edwards Family