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 No Show Policy

The patients must cancel or reschedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do this, even for same-day appointments, will result in a No Show fee (currently $30) per occasion per child to be added to my account. Payment of the No Show fee is required prior to scheduling another appointment, and continued instances of not coming to scheduled appointments may result in the office requiring that I find another doctor or payment of the full cost of the office visit to be paid in lieu of the No Show fee. Appointments can be canceled by leaving a message in the voicemail system or with the answering service if the office is closed.


Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing our office to provide care for your child(ren). In order to prevent any misunderstandings and to serve you better, we ask that all parents read and sign our Financial Policy. If you have any questions, please ask a receptionist or a representative from our business office.

As a courtesy, we will verify your insurance eligibility and benefits at your initial visit and any time you notify us of a change in your coverage. However, we cannot guarantee that the information we receive is accurate (at the time of verification or for later visits) or that the insurance company will process the insurance claim in accordance with the information they provided. You, as the holder of the insurance policy, are ultimately responsible for knowing what your plan does and does not cover (like check ups and immunizations) and the administrative rules (like primary care physician selection, referrals, authorizations, etc.). You are also responsible for verifying that your doctor is participating in your insurance plan. Any amounts not covered by your plan, except for contractual fee discounts, are your financial responsibility. Please read each item below:

COPAYS AND/OR COINSURANCE AMOUNTS ARE DUE AT EVERY VISIT. If I have a deductible to meet, I will pay your normal charges on the date of service. If a contracted fee discount applies, I understand that you will credit my account. These amounts can be applied toward future visits or refunded, whichever I prefer. I further understand that failure to pay my copay/coinsurance will result in an additional billing fee to be added to my account every month until the balance is paid.